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Flexible hoses and tubes factory – Espiroflex



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C/ Vic , s/n - Pol. Ind. La Florida 08130 - Santa Perpétua de la Mogoda Barcelona (Spain) T: 93 560 24 00 F: 93 560 26 26

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Espiroflex, hoses and pipes company

Espiroflex, a leading company in manufacture and sale of hoses and pipe across the EuropeanInternacional landscape, with an annual distribution of more than 32 million meters of hosesand flexible tubing, all of this thanks to our effective logistics, technical specification,modernity and excellence.

The mission of Espiroflex is to report its customers the products that they need in the optimumpoint of quality. Ensuring its resistance, durability and flexibility in each product. In ourcompany, we manufacture with the most modern and efficient technology, tubes, pipes andhoses that are more adapted to the needs of our customers, therefore we are symbol ofreliability and quality.

Espiroflex has two plants of manufacture of own material, which ensures the guarantee ofoptimum quality that distinguishes us in our products and also allows us to research anddevelop constantly as new technologies of manufacturing, such as improvement of thematerials. At our headquarters in Barcelona, plant which has an area of 31000 m2 ismanufactured, stores, and distributes a wide range of hoses and flexible tubing, which,together with the 4 remaining regulatory deposits (Madrid, Zaragoza, A Coruña and LasPalmas), give coverage to a network of 32 agents that cater to more than 3000 customers inthe national scene. Internationally, Espiroflex has a manufacturing plant in the Czech Republic,and two own distribution companies located in France and Germany, key points to cover all ofEurope.

In our Organization we consider fundamental the specialization and commitment to ouremployees for this reason provide them continuous training to foster the union project of aleading company. Beyond the field of labor, Espiroflex also organizes leisure activities andsports that promote cohesion and the ties between the employees because we believe thatcorporate social responsibility is a basic pillar for the motivation of employees. On the otherhand, we collaborate with humanitarian projects in the more underprivileged countries, as it isthe case of the village of Kiamuri in Kenya, where sports equipment is provided for children inthe village have fun.

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